Crash Block 40 Surface Mount
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Crash Block 40 Surface Mount

The CRASH BLOCK 40 is ideal for:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Nuclear Sites
  • Sports Arenas
  • Police Stations
  • Airports
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Government Buildings
  • Conference Centres
Crash Block 40 Surface Mount Securing Temp Events Crash Block 40 Surface Mount Crash Block 40 Surface Mount Bullet Proof


The world’s only high speed (BSI.IWA14) Multiple Crash Tested Surface Mount Crash Block. As the growing threat of Terrorist Attacks on the public gets worse new ways of stopping them has been developed by Safetyflex design team to give instant H.V.M Protection. Crash Block 40 is a Surface Mount Block that has a special unique design that lets the block just sit on the surface of the ground with no ground fixing. It is completely free standing.

Three High Speed Impact Tests was carried out on the block at (Horiba Mira) UK, Vehicle Impact Testing Centre to BSi IWA14 N2A Impact test. The first test was at 30mph/48km/h at 90 Degrees into the front face of the block. The second test was 40mph/64km/h at 90 Degrees into the front face of the Block. The third impact test was at 90 degrees into a gap of 1.2 meters between the two blocks at a speed of 30mph/48km/h with 7.5ton truck crashing into the gap, with a result of 2.9 Penetration only.

The great advantage with Crash Block 40-Plus it can be permanent or temporary solutions as it only takes hours to install. They can also be dressed in a cladding of choice or fitted with a Planter with seating benches. All work can be done without disturbing existing ground work.


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