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How our PAS68 Bollards Work


Our products are ideal for:

  • Airports
  • Military Bases
  • Perimeter Security HVM
  • High Security Sites
  • Power Stations
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Cash Centres
  • Utilities
  • Cash Mashine/ATM Protection
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Safetyflex Barriers and Bollards are unique in being the worlds only pre-tested PAS68 bollards available on the market today.

Safetyflex's in house testing facility provides customers with a guarantee that the product they install is the same as the product that was actually tested at MIRA. Each and every bollard is individually load tested before leaving the factory.

Unlike standard steel tube bollards Safetyflex’s unique bollards are manufactured by using a special composition of spring steel allowing them to absorb extreme amounts of energy/impact thanks to its flex technology.

On impact, the dynamics off our spring steel bollard can move around the five Cartesian coordinates, them being x, y and z axis, and rotating on each axis. This allows it to behave as a torsion spring, a lateral translation spring and lateral bending spring, then returning to its original start point after impact.

The criteria for the correct PAS68 System

Key Questions:

  • Speed vehicle may attack at 30/40/50 mph.
  • How close will the bollards need to be to the asset. Does the client need secure perimeter at all times.
  • Does the client still need the perimeter secure after the first attack. If yes, make sure the product is still standing and can stop a secondary attack.
  • Does it need to look aesthetically pleasing, with the environment.
  • What is the maintenance needed monthly, yearly or maintenance free.
  • How deep are the foundations.
  • Will we have to divert utilities.
  • Is the system economical to install.