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PAS68 Street Furniture from Safetyflex
Including Granite Planters

Safetyflex�s unique Anti Terrorist Security Barriers and Bollard system has been developed to protect and secure potentially vulnerable public areas such as shopping centres, airports, government buildings, etc. The PAS68 range of multipurpose systems available have been proven in strength and flexibility and to be adaptable to various situations and locations.

With Safetyflex's own in-house audits, Safetyflex has also developed a range of integrated street furniture to be both practical and merge seamlessly into these public surroundings.

Our PAS68 Street Furniture applications include:

  • Cycle Stand
  • Cycle Rack
  • Floral Display System
  • Bench System
  • Planter System

All of our Street Furniture is designed to fit our PAS68 Truckstopper range of products.

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