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Product Specification

Truckstopper 6 specification:

  • Height Above Ground: 900mm
  • Footing Depth: Only 200mm
  • Options: Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Shrouds Available

The Safetyflex Truckstopper 6 is ideal for:

  • Airports
  • Sports Arenas
  • Retail Parks
  • Police Stations
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Government Buildings
  • Conference Centres
Why Safetyflex

Safetyflex solutions include:

  • Flexibility to design to your requirements
  • Manufacture of bespoke and one off products
  • On-site management and installation
  • Street furniture available on PAS rated spring bollards
  • High security fencing available on PAS 68:2010
  • Car Park Spring barriers tested to BS6399 and BS1680

The Truckstopper 6-30 from Safetyflex

The new technology TRUCKSTOPPER 6-30 has a small super light weight base plate - 46kg only.This patent granted design is a technology break through in single shallow footing bollard systems of 200mm deep, that will stop a 7.5 ton truck at 30 mph or 48 km at 90 degrees from breaking through the security line.

Truckstopper 6

The 200mm deep single shallow bollard will also reduce the need to re-divert utilities. The system is the most economical on the market and very aesthetically pleasing. This bollard is small and easy to install. This system is designed to follow the contours of the ground and can go around corners. If the post gets damaged after an attack they can be removed from the slipper box and replaced with no need to remove or replace the concrete foundation.

Once fitted the only maintenance is to repaint when needed or the bollard can be covered with a mild or stainless steel shroud.

New technology breakthrough - foundation only 200mm deep. Tested and passed at MIRA as a single bollard.

Truckstopper 6

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) has been prepared to address the needs of organizations who want assurance that vehicle security barriers will provide the level of impact resistance they are aiming for.

PAS68 identifies impact test methods, tolerances, test vehicle type and vehicle performance criteria that need to be met in order to conform to PAS68. It cites a classification system for the performance of vehicle security barriers and their supporting foundations when subjected to a single horizontal impact.

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