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Bump Bar Protection

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Why Safetyflex

Safetyflex solutions include:

  • Flexibility to design to your requirements
  • Manufacture of bespoke and one off products
  • On-site management and installation
  • Street furniture available on PAS rated spring bollards
  • High security fencing available on PAS 68:2010
  • Car Park Spring barriers tested to BS6399 and BS1680

Unique protection for vehicle and building...

The Safetyflex unique spring system is the ideal solution to protect walls and vehicles in a car park situation. Bumps and knocks are common place and are costly for both the proprietor and also the driver. Safetyflex can provide a wall protection bump bar to eliminate damage to both the wall and the vehicle.

Available as wall or floor mounted the innovative design of the spring ensures the product has enormous flexibility. The springs are compact, easily installed and with a long lifetime act as a buffer to absorb the energy of a low speed impact and therefore reduce any damage to either surface before returning to it�s original position.

Heavy duty bump bar applications

Safetyflex heavy duty bump bars have been designed and engineered to meet today's demanding situations encountered in such areas as factories, warehouses and industrial parks.

How it works

With a steel box concreted into the ground with a lid fitted so that it can be used as needed, the heavy duty spring steel bar is easily dropped into place. The long life steel bar is then capped with a heavy duty rubber pad that along with the uniquely engineered flexible bar will protect doors, walls, walkways and landing bays from damage from trucks and fork lifts. By absorbing the kinetic energy on impact, vehicles simply bounce off, and the bar returns to its original position with little damage to the vehicle or posts. An auxiliary leaf bar can also be fitted for the possibility of larger truck protection.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Durable
  • Easily Installed
  • Adaptable
  • Visible
  • Cost effective
  • Damage free from low speed impact

Want to find out more?

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