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Safetyflex Spring Steel Barrier and PAS68 Bollards

Safetyflex's revolutionary barrier systems provides the ultimate protection from high and low impact collisions. The addition of PAS68 tested anti terrorist security products can also provide protection from possible terrorist attacks.

Terrorist Threat Level National Terror Alert Mi5 Security Service

UK Terrorist Threat Level:Critical

The system of threat levels has been created to keep you informed about the level of threat the UK faces from terrorism at any given time. The threat level represents the likelihood of an attack in the near future.

Safetyflex can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including road blockers and perimeter fencing, Industrial Security Safety Barriers, Car Park Barriers and Bollards. All of which help to protect premises, machinery, vehicles and most importantly people.

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Anti Terrorist Security

Developed to be impenetrable to terrorist attacks Safetyflex’s unique system helps to protect and secure potentially vulnerable areas. This multipurpose system has proven itself in strength and flexibility and to be adaptable to various situations and locations such as airports, government buildings, military, utilities and infrastructure centres.

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PAS68 Street Furniture

With Safetyflex's own in-house audits, Safetyflex has also developed a range of integrated street furniture to be both practical and merge seamlessly into these public surroundings.

A sample of the range currently available is shown here.

Industrial Security & Car Park Barriers

Safetyflex’s completely new revolutionary system of fence barrier security systems, road blockers and bump bars are designed to replace conventional barriers which are rigid and damage both vehicle and barrier relatively easily on impact and need to be replaced after any significant impact.

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Car Park Barriers

The Safetyflex Car Park Barrier System is a unique design that is the ideal solution for todays car parks.

A one barrier system that is capable of working all round a modern car park with the objectives of protecting people, vehicles and property. Designed to cope with different levels of penetration to that of highway vehicle barriers they need to meet quite different standards and regulations.

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How our PAS68 Bollards work

Safetyflex's in house testing facility provides customers with a guarantee that the product they install is the same as the product that was actually tested at MIRA. Each and every bollard is individually load tested before leaving the factory.

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