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Crash Gate 40
  • Install time 4 hours
  • NO Mains Electricity needed
  • Zero running costs
  • NO Pinning to the surface
  • NO Floor Rebating
  • NO Need to install on Flat Ground
  • The System sits on Top of the Ground
  • Can be used for Temporary Events or Permanent Install
  • Can buy or rent
Crash Gate 40 Awards
Crash Gate 40 Crash Gate 40 Crash Gate 40

Secure, reliable and highly effective...
Zero running costs

The Safetyflex design team have responded to clients’ requirement for a new type of surface mount gate that can be installed within 4 hours, with no man handling to operate the gate. The gate will open vertically to save ground space.

This brand new surface mount gate developed by the Safetyflex design team gives instant HVM protection and the ability to close off roads within hours.
The new unique Crash Gate 40 system was crash tested at Horiba-Mira crash centre to IWA-14-1 vehicle impact test with a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 40mph/64km/h at 90 degrees and stops the vehicle in 3.8 metres.

There is no man handling needed to open the gate. The gate operates using an all solar powered electric hydraulic power system and two batteries but can be installed to mains electric if needed. The gate opening time is only 75 seconds and once fully open the pass through gap is 4.5 metres.
As well as stopping a truck the gate is also designed to stop a small car from driving under it.

Crash Gate 40 Crash Gate 40

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