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Quick Assembley Benefits
  • Lower installation cost
  • Can be installed with a three man team
  • No special posts or fitting needed to
    change direction corners or angles or
    terminating the fence run just use the
    standard posts and fittings.
  • Once installed can enhance the fence line,
    making it into a PAS68 hostile vehicle
    mitigation fencing system.
  • Can be installed across a standard gate
    that this is only used occasionally and can
    be removed quickly for access.
  • If attacked only a short part of the fence
    will need replacing
Oneline Springline 30/50

Foundation Only 400mm Deep - Fitted & Tested in Soft Ground

Springline 30

Patent Granted

a new unique fencing system developed to protect and secure potentially vulnerable areas such as airports, government buildings, military utilities infrastructure.

Safetyflex new technology breakthrough in security fencing

  • AT LAST No need for deep foundations.
  • AT LAST Fitted and tested in soft ground (type 1 stone).
  • AT LAST No heavy transport needed to move it, to and from sites.
  • AT LAST No heavy plant needed to install it.
  • AT LAST The fence system is delivered in breakdown kits with ready-made rebar cages.

This newly designed fencing system can be fitted in soft water logged ground or hard ground with only a foundation of 400mm deep. The foundation post blocks are not linked underground so you do not have to run the fence in a straight line. The posts slings have also been designed so they are independently linked to each post so that the system can go up and down slopes and around corners by just moving the slings no special parts are needed to do this as the cable slings are designed short and they are easy to handle and follow the contour of the ground by moving the slings on the posts.

Once the slings are tightened you will have no rope drop in the line. The sling ground height can be set exact to drawing. A great advantage with this system is if you need an access along the fence line you can remove just part of the fence very quickly. Once built you have a very low maintenance and it will look aesthetically pleasing.

PAS68 Vehicle Performance Classification

PAS68 SPRINGLINE 30 (BSI PAS68:2010) V/7500(N2)/48/90:3.4/6.4/400
Vehice Test Weight Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed kph Vehicle Angle o Vehicle Penetration m 25KG+ Dispersion m Footing Depth mm
V/7500 KG N2 48 90 3.4 6.4 400

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