Truckstopper 10
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Product Specification

Truckstopper 10 specification:

  • Height Above Ground: 900mm
  • Footing Depth: Surface Mount
  • Options: Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Shrouds

The Safetyflex Truckstopper 10 is ideal for:

  • Airports
  • Sports Arenas
  • Retail Parks
  • Police Stations
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Government Buildings
  • Conference Centres
Why Safetyflex

Safetyflex solutions include:

  • Flexibility to design to your requirements
  • Manufacture of bespoke and one off products
  • On-site management and installation
  • Street furniture available on PAS rated spring bollards
  • High security fencing available on PAS 68:2010
  • Car Park Spring barriers tested to BS6399 and BS1680

Truckstopper 10-30 'SURFACE MOUNT' from Safetyflex

This world's first crash tested surface mounted single bollard has been crash tested as a single removable bollard, tested to the new international workshop agreement - IWA 14. This surface mount bollard can be fitted straight onto an existing concrete surface without having to dig up the existing surface or cut any recessing into the concrete to make the bollard fit, and will still give you the full protection of a 7.2 ton vehicle travelling at 30 mph/48kph at 90 degrees without the cost and inconvenience of digging up the roadway or footpath. This system is ideal for underground Car Parks and first floor Car Parks and most Bridges. Once fitted you may need access with a vehicle so the bollards can be removed and replaced very quickly.

Truckstopper 10

This system is the most economical to buy and install on the market today. It can be a stand alone single unit or can be in a row of bollards. No heavy plant is needed to install as the bollards are delivered as break down kits and can be built up on site. Once fitted no maintenance is needed and if covered with a shroud are very aesthetically pleasing.

New technology breakthrough -

  • Surface mounted
  • No complicated installation
  • Static & Removable
  • Tested to IWA 14
  • Ideal for concrete suspended slabs
  • Crash tested with 7200 kg truck at 30 mph

IWA 14 Vehicle Performance Classification

Truckstopper 10-30 (IWA 14) V/7200/N2A/48/90/8.2/0.0
Vehice Test Weight Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed kph Vehicle Angle o Vehicle Penetration m 25KG+ Dispersion m
V/7200 KG N2A 48 90 8.2 0.0

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