Defence Wall Defence Wall HVM Protection Defence Wall
  • Fast Install
  • Surface Mount
  • Short Wall
  • Long Wall
  • Bullet Proof
  • No Ground Fixings
  • No Mess after Removal
  • Flood Defence
  • Cost-Effective
  • No Sinkage
Defence Wall Install Time

Safetyflex’s new anti-terroist surface mount defence wall can be installed in just 2 hours with no ground fixings required, and removed as and when required just as quick with no mess left behind. When installed on soft ground, our anti-sink mats which can withstand up to 50 tonnes in weight. The wall can be made up of one block or a long run of up to 3 in height, or more if required. The wall is also Bullet Proof and can be used as a retreat area.The Wall can also be used as instant Flood Defenceenhancements, from covers to a living wall.